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Our Core Competencies

bcdf3d2a5ea6494ccaa2bdd98d9413b420eFKEIdAI4AZeko-0.pngWe have extraordinary know-how in the development of control systems for complex high-end wheelchairs for paraplegics and quadriplegics. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous innovation we are the world leader in this technology.

Software Development

Franz Leu

Team Leader, SW Development


  • IEC62304 (Medical device software - Software life cycle processes)


  • State-of-the-art programming languages C++ (Embedded), ANSI-C, C#
  • UML Documentation
  • CAN-based communications using CANopen
  • Infrared and Bluetooth Environmental control


  • ARM Cortex-M1/M3/M4
  • Windows
  • Apple iOS
  • Android


  • Motor control systems, traction and stability control systems
  • Control of complex seat logic
  • Generic processing logic for a variety of input devices
  • Graphical User Interface
  • System parameterization
  • Control of the environment by different communications channels (Bluetooth/IR)
  • Safety monitoring
  • Simulation environment for embedded software


  • Agile Development, daily Stand-Up Meetings
  • Application Life Cycle Management with full traceability by appropriate toolchain
  • Revision Control with fully integrated toolchain versioning
  • Continuous Integration with Nightly Builds


Hardware Development

Michael Christ

Team Leader, HW Development

Power Electronics

  • 24V multi-channel motor controllers, up to 120A

Control Engineering

  • Drive and steering motor control
  • Seat adjustment with position detection
  • Simulation with Matlab & Simulink, Real Time Prototyping with Speedgoat

dc4105550d9358b39479f1aeb9ae9794_f66.jpgAnalog and Digital Circuit Technology

  • Sensors and interfaces for motor current, speed, steering position, tilt, acceleration and angular velocity
  • Pressure measurement for sip-and-puff control
  • Safety-critical Microcontroller systems with LCD and OLED
  • Joystick and other haptic sensors for control panels


  • CANbus-based modular system
  • Internal communications via SPI, I2C and RS232
  • Interface Module for special input devices
  • Self-learning infrared system for operation of radio/TV etc.
  • Bluetooth for connection with mobile devices, PC, etc.

Circuit board layout

  • Multi layer printed circuit boards
  • EMC and ESD compliant design
  • Layout in Altium Designer


Mechanical Design

Thom Stucki

Team Leader, Mechanical Design

Industrial Design

  • Draft designs of new devices
  • Feasibility studies

Design of mass-produced parts

  • Die-cast aluminum parts
  • Injection-molded plastic parts
  • Double injection parts
  • Keypads, connectors, springs, electromechanical parts
  • SolidWorks

Equipment construction

  • Assembly fixtures
  • Test fixtures

def8fb03a59accb9d5f0b718c09291a5_f65.jpgProduction and procurement support

  • Close cooperation with our manufacturing plants in China, Puerto Rico and Bulgaria
  • Close cooperation with our suppliers in Asia, Europe and the USA

Prototype testing, device tests

  • Measurements
  • Testing
  • Release


  • CAD: SolidWorks
  • CadMould
  • Misc. measurement instruments such as optical measuring microscope


Quality Assurance

Benno Burri

Team Leader, Quality Assurance


  • IEC62304 (Medical device software - Software life cycle processes)
  • ISO14971 (Application of risk management to medical products)
  • ISO7176 (Wheelchair)

23012b399a7a146b5d2941de3721316d_f63.jpgVerification & Validation

  • Verification of product requirements
  • Validation of system stability and safety
  • Compilance with regulatory standards and guidance

Automated Validation Test System

  • Programming language C#
  • Analog and digital I/Os, image evaluation, data analysis (CANbus)
  • Life Cycle Tester
  • Temperature and cycle testing

Application Life Cycle Management

  • Polarion® configuration and support
  • Documentation for regulatory purposes (FDA, TÜV etc.)
  • Release Management

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